Total-Recall USB/MIDI Controller with 8 Motorized Faders


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  • from Janet M. Grant
    August 30, 2013


    I've tended to stay away from behringer equipment since of the shoddy quality, but bought this because of the price and since it doesn't touch any signal. It met and exceeded everyone of my expectations. My school has the Control 24 from avid, and for the price, this does absolutely everything i need and does it well and conveniently. That'll do pig, that'll do.

  • from Adam Curry
    February 01, 2011

    Love this for certain applications

    The motorized faders are a dream to work with. Once I figured out how to completely configure it to the application I'm using it for, I can only say this is a great product!

  • from Daniel Newman
    July 21, 2010

    Don't Hesitate.

    For this price you will not find another control surface with this flexibility. I've got it controlling Adobe Audition 3 and it is working flawlessly. My ratings for ease of use and features are relative to the price. Programming the unit is not as simple as some would have you believe, although you can find presets online for most DAWs and I found a template detailing what the default functions are for AA3. Easy to get up and running and with a little googling its simple to figure out what you need to. I would buy it again and have recommended it to everyone I know who has a similar setup at home. mhlavinatgmaildotcom

  • from MkUltra
    July 08, 2014

    Works like a charm with FL Studio

    I'm using this with FL Studio 11. I was worried it would be a headache to set up with the software, but I found that the Mackie Control mode that is preprogrammed in works great. Mixing is faster and more enjoyable, and I'm able to record automation in minutes that would have taken ten times as long to do with a mouse. The motorized sliders are wonderful. Definitely recommended!

  • from JimJoiner
    February 18, 2012

    BCF2000 Has Multiple Uses

    I originally bought the BCF2000 because I wanted to use it with the Chameleon Lighting program and it is the only Control Surface that is implemented in Chameleon. It works great for that with no muss or fuss. Then, I saw the 12 Part series on YouTube about using it with the Logic Pro Music program so I started using it for that. The beauty of the BCF2000 is that it has 4 Emulations. For Chameleon, you use the BC mode and for Logic Pro, you use the LC mode. Although it is not explained very well, it is simple to use. When you power the BCF2000 up, you just hold down the specific buttons (1 for BC and 3 for LC) and it takes on the Emulation. On a MacBook running Logic Pro, it recognizes the BCF2000 as a Control Surface and loads all the correct information. It also works well with the Automation in Logic Pro and the Faders are moved as the Automation changes. I agree that the Faders are a little noisy but for my use, it doesn't matter. Another way it can be used in Logic Pro is to associate each Track with a Software Instrument and then just hit the Track Button on the BCF2000 for the specific track and it will change the Instrument without touching the mouse or the Computer Keyboard. You can also adjust the Track Fader on-the-fly if you need to adjust the Volume. So, you can play the MIDI Keyboard with one hand, hit the BCF2000 Track button, and continue playing with a different Instrument. All-in-all, one of the best $200 I have spent in a while.

  • from Jimmy B.
    September 27, 2013

    Was scared...but works like a charm!

    I'm a filmmaker and wanted this for doing some audio mixing right away from my editing software, but After I ordered this, I started digging a little bit more over the internet and started to think that this was very complicated to set-up and I started to think that compatibility would be a huge isssue. When it shipped, I plugged the AC power and the USB cable, turn it on, opened Adobe Premiere CC and Audition CC, went to Preferences and activated Control Surface and worked instantly! Remember to press the second button to activate the NC-C mode. It's awesome because I can do so much for so little amount of money spent on it. I would buy it again if I had to, and I totally recommended.

  • from Max
    January 09, 2012

    Very nice product - Very useful

    I recommend this product. It works very well with Logic when put into Logic Control mode. For a very well made video series on setting up and using this control surface with Logic Pro, search for "Behringer BCF2000 & Logic Pro user guide - 1/16" on YouTube. As you may have heard elsewhere, the belts on the faders are set too loose and need to be tightened. It will work fine without modification but it will rattle loudly. Don't expect miracles though; the faders still make rattling noises and you can hear the motors very clearly. These are not fancy faders but they are fast and accurate. If you don't know if you should get a mixing panel like this and you are currently doing everything with the mouse and keyboard, I say you will probably like having a dedicated interface. I use this for selecting tracks, setting volume and pan, controlling plugin settings, muting & soloing tracks, controlling start, stop, rewind, and fastforward, as well as some other more obscure things. For recording I find it very useful. I can quickly modify levels so I can hear myself better and the hardware buttons make it easy to start, stop, and restart recordings. No more mouse or keyboard fiddling. For mixing it is a godsend. Don't concern yourself too much about the motors moving along with automation or moving when you fade with the mouse. It works but Logic isn't that great for automation anyway. The best reason to have motorized faders is just so you have all the faders in the right place when you select a track. I hate using the mouse to move the virtual faders up and down. It is much too sloppy. Hardware faders feel natural and let me work much faster. I can even move multiple faders at once AND there is a function to return a slider to the 0/0dB position. SUPER handy. One thing to look out for, Amazon sent me mine with the box already opened. The security tape seal was broken and the USB/Power cable bag was already torn open. Everything ended up working fine, but I was very annoyed. If anything had been wrong I would have been delayed several days. Not cool, Amazon.

  • from US277437
    June 13, 2015

    Essential for Home Studio

    I was somewhat resistant to add this to my son's in-home recording studio but finally conceded. He now says it is his most essential, necessary, and favorite component. Makes mixing multiple tracks at various levels a breeze. Looked complicated but he had absolutely no problems figuring out how to use it with Avid Pro Tools.

  • from Life in Art
    February 13, 2010

    Works with Protools 8

    This unit was very easy to set up with PT 8. I googled instructions on how to switch it to baby HUI mode, with in 1 minute PT worked seamlessly with it. Ridiculous low cost and no hassle... this is a no brainer. The transport options are Play and Stop, not really sure if you can assign a REC button, but I bet you can. I love the mute/solo and pan feature. Panning with a mouse stinks. Very small, not bus powered FYI.

  • from Amazon Customer
    December 08, 2015

    Five Stars


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