POWERPLAY HA8000 Reviews



8-Channel High-Power Headphones Mixing and Distribution Amplifier

POWERPLAY HA8000 Reviews

4.2/5.0 based on 32 customer reviews

  • from Al Palmieri Builder
    November 23, 2012

    Great Product

    It replaced my old headphone amp. Has more channels and more options. Very pleased the performance I'm getting. I would recommend this highly.

  • from dave d
    July 22, 2015

    A good thing

    This is a wonderful headphone amp for my small home studio! Everyone gets a nice clear mix at their own comfort level, and with that keeps the retakes down. Just make sure you get some good headphones to plug into it. Otherwise you only have half of a good thing.

  • from Lobsta Johnson
    June 15, 2014


    this thing is amazing for the price. If you have more than 1 person sitting in proximity (i.e., a podcast or radio show) this will do the trick. You can have specific inputs for specific channels, and can have two separate switchable channels as well (e.g., main output and monitor output). Audio quality is good and the controls are simple. Thanks, Behringer!

  • from bubbathegreat
    August 05, 2013

    Wow, another great Behringer product

    I have read many negative reviews regarding Behringer products and I have to say I just don't get it. I have purchased just a couple of products from this company and have been extremely happy with both. The distribution amp works great and has great sound. It is easy to set up and use. The build quality is excellent for a product of this type and price point. I am setting up my DJ business and appreciate that I can buy high quality equipment without breaking the bank.

  • from Shooshie
    May 05, 2016

    Plays Way Above its Pay Grade!

    I wouldn't use this for a recording pre-amp, but for a headphone amp for multi-tracking or delivering separate mixes to several individual players concurrently, this is excellent. If you crank the levels, you'll hear some self-noise. Keep the input volume high so you can keep the output in the mid-range or lower, and you won't hear any noise. (unless of course, something's not working right) This is another winner by Behringer, whose stuff has begun to make a presence in my studio. I can reach out and touch 4 Behringer devices from where I sit at this moment, meaning that I've overcome my reluctance to buy what once was the pariah of pro studios. Apparently Behringer took a good long look at themselves, decided not to be the low-end of the business anymore, and started outputting quality devices. I haven't gotten the courage to put their $150 hardware processors directly in the signal chain for mixing, but for MIDI input, monitoring, and even patch bays (which ARE in the signal chain), I've changed my opinion of Behringer. If I were just starting out, I'd even try one of those $150 hardware compressors and see what I could get out of it. I mean, compare the pro-alternative in price. We're talking about a factor of 10. Don't complain about Behringer. Even if you get a bad one (and I have NOT), you're still 9X ahead in price, and can try another and still be way under budget. But let me reiterate: I've had no quality problems with Behringer's newer products. It seems that just those from the 1990s or early 2000s had that reputation. Giving it 5 stars doesn't mean I put it on the level of the highest pro-gear. It means that I recognize from the price that Behringer aims for a certain quality level that jaw-droppingly defies its price range, and they achieve that. This stuff plays way above its pay grade. Shooshie

    January 04, 2014

    The Behringer HA8000 8-Channel High-Power Headphones Distribution Amp Works Great!

    I wanted to replace an old Rane HC 6 headphone console (a discontinued item), and this did the trick. Just as I did with the HC 6, I not only use this item as a headphone amp, I also use it as a preamp for other audio mixes before sending the signals on to power amplifiers. As opposed to the Rane HC 6, this device has an internal power supply, which is MUCH PREFERED! I don't have to worry about attaching a grounding wire somewhere else, or finding a place to mount an external power transformer in an already-crowded rack enclosure, like I did with the HC 6. This is a neat device that takes up very little space, and I'm very happy with it. I was pleased with the selling price, as well.

  • from Kyle Rosario
    March 01, 2009


    as a drummer moving into an apartment was the most depressing thing ive ever done until i bought an electric drum kit and this nifty lil piece now i can rock out and not need worry bout neighbors or the wizife coming out and complaining let alone each channel has its own perimiter to control so i can blast my phones way up while the rest of the band has there phones there way . lets us equalize perfectly and we really noticed the difference while recording how much control we had over the sound using this ...a must have for musicians

  • from Warren Thomas
    November 24, 2014

    Five Stars


  • from vicente
    May 23, 2014

    great product for church use

    Works great for the price, we use it for our church setup and it works fantastic it's also looks very good on stage.

  • from Vidal
    April 26, 2015

    Five Stars

    Great head phones amp. It has more channels than your average one.

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