The AMS Series of stylish next-generation surface-mount loudspeakers is designed with an aesthetic that is perfect for the architectural considerations of building design.


From the pioneers of point-source and large format ceiling speakers.

CMS 3.0

In the early 1900s, TANNOY created a revolution in installed sound with the legendary ceiling monitor system.


The CVS range of medium format ceiling speakers delivers TANNOY's renowned point-source sonic performance at an extremely competitive value point.


The DVS Series of ultra-compact surface-mount loudspeakers is designed for a wide variety of weather-resistant sound reinforcement applications.


The OCV Series pendant loudspeaker system delivers impressive acoustic performance in high or open-ceileinged spaces in a lightweight cylindrical enclosure.


QFLEX is a range of digitally steerable, multi-channel, column array loudspeaker systems for the professional installed audio market.


High power speakers optimised for installation in karaoke TV applications.


VLS incorporates focussed asymmetrical shaping technology (FAST), delivering unique performance benefits across a full range of passive column loudspeakers.


High performance Class D powered, network enabled subwoofers.


VQ is a versatile large format modular sound reinforcement system designed for applications where precise directional control, outstanding sonic performance, and high SPL are critical.


Integrated with cutting edge digital signal processing, network control and dual channel Class D amplification, the VQNET line is a self-powered, networked variant of TANNOY's flagship VQ series of high performance, high SPL sound reinforcement system.


High output passive subwoofer enclosures designed to deliver deep, powerful bass and high sound pressure levels at low and ultra low frequencies.


The VSX Series of subwoofers is precision-engineered to deliver high-impact, low and ultra-low frequency reinforcement in a compact format.


The VSXNET Series of powered, network-enabled subwoofers is designed for a wide range of demanding professional and commercial sound applications.


VX Series is a firm favourite of sound contractors and an agile performer in portable sound.


The VXNET Series combines the sonic advantages of TANNOY's dual concentric™ point-source driver with integrated DSP, Class D amplifier technologies and robust network control.


Powered sound reinforcement loudspeakers with fully integrated LAB.GRUPPEN IDEEA™ Class D amplifier modules.