MUSIC Group - Brand Organizational Chart
MIDAS has been recognized as the premier designer and manufacturer of audio mixing consoles since its founding in the early 70's. Responsible for several ground-breaking accomplishments in digital mixing and audio networking, MIDAS maintains a cutting-edge R&D and Quality Assurance team. The Company’s products such as the Heritage analogue and the XL8 digital mixing consoles are in use by some of the world’s leading performers including AC/DC, Metallica, R.E.M, etc.
KLARK TEKNIK is best known for its revolutionary DN360 Graphic Equalizers which put a new level of power and accuracy into the hands of the world’s most accomplished audio engineers. From their early analogue roots, KLARK TEKNIK has become a leader in the design and manufacture of touring-grade digital signal processing and recording products. Their products are found in touring sound systems, performing arts centers and high profile installations world wide.
TURBOSOUND is a leading designer and manufacturer of professional loudspeaker systems - proven by the vast number of endorsements of major international artists such as Pink Floyd and prestigious permanent installations around the world. Evolving from a PA rental company in the late 70s, and realizing that the route to providing great quality sound at large scale live music events was to design loudspeakers rather than buy someone else’s, a fledgling manufacturing operation emerged with a small portfolio of ground-breaking products: the first modular full-range PA cabinets with real mid range, the TMS-3. TURBOSOUND can claim the distinction of having won three Queen’s Awards: for Export Achievement in 1987 and 1997, and for Innovation in 2012, recognizing the success of two ground-breaking design concepts – the Polyhorn and Dendritic wave guides which now form the heart of TURBOSOUND’s core product ranges.
BEHRINGER is a world-leading brand for professional audio equipment. The Company was founded in 1989 and revolutionized the industry by offering previously high-priced professional equipment at consumer prices, defining a new “Prosumer” or home recording market. BEHRINGER offers a comprehensive product range covering multiple product categories including loudspeakers, amplifiers, mixers, powered mixers, computer-based recording and DJ products, microphones, headphones, wireless systems, musical instruments and professional lighting systems. According to the US magazine “music Trades’” 2008 report, BEHRINGER ranks number 14 among the world’s largest pro audio companies.
BUGERA is an exclusive guitar and bass amplifier brand with a total dedication to vacuum tubes or valve designs. Its amps are designed in cooperation with famous artists and are all hand-built to meet the highest expectations in terms of sound and quality. BUGERA is driven by the passion to exceed artists’ expectations of musical expression.