The MUSIC Group is a very different kind of company, and we are proud to be different. With a strong mission, a clear strategy and much fun, we are a great team of specialists building the Next Big Thing in Pro Audio, MI and Consumer Electronics.

Equally passionate about the products we make and the people we make them for, we thrive on breaking the mold and setting new standards in product quality, reliability and value.

Internally we are committed to systems that enable accelerated decision making based on facts that lead to successful execution and deliverables. Highly structured, fast paced and uncompromising in our commitment to quality, we maintain the agility and innovation of a startup with a fanatic discipline, focus and determination bolstered by over two decades of proven success. Most of all, we are incredibly capable, fun-loving family of people brought together by an immense passion for music and winning.

We take pride in our people who truly embody the 4E+1P Principle that Jack Welch defined:

Energy People who have the insatiable appetite for more challenge, more accomplishment and will to win

Energize The ability to infect other with your vision and helf them see the opportunities that drive us.

Edge Ability to make the Yes or No decisions that lead to the winner's circle, regardless of the obstacles.

Execution Knowing the difference between talking the talk and walking the walk.

Passion Living what you do and loving it!

Senior Analyst, Business

Location: Singapore


  • Work closely with employees from the various functional departments to deliver on new process or system requirements and improvements, and to drive the ongoing evolution of company-wide processes towards enhanced consistency and efficiency
  • Work closely with members of Information Services to evaluate and implement technology solutions, support, and process training
  • Work with various functional departments to understand business objectives and needs and formulate business cases and plans to improve and consolidate processes to meet them
  • Provide suggestions and implement best practice for process documentation, process design, and change management
  • Implement and oversee new business process improvement initiatives
  • Direct projects and responsible for the overall implementation and execution of projects and performance criteria
  • Research and identify enabling technologies based on stakeholder requirements    


  • Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems or Business
  • 4 to 7 years of experience working with business processes, internal controls, procedures and managing improvement initiatives in a multi-divisional and multi-national organization
  • At least 2 years' experience in project management in a multi-divisional and multi-national organization
  • Experience with business systems implementations such as ERP, PLM, BPM, ECM, CRM, BI and HRM is expected
  • Proven business professional with excellent analytical aptitude and able to market ideas and solutions to stakeholder
  • Excellent interpersonal, planning and organizational skills
  • Committed to proactive continuous improvement and excellent customer service
  • Experience with ISO, TQM, Six Sigma or other business process improvement methods experience is highly desirable
  • Experience working any Gartner Quadrant BPM tool is highly desirable
  • Experience in the electronic manufacturing and sales distribution industries is highly desirable

Send us your résumé!

Due to the volume of résumés (CV’s) we receive, it is important to name your file properly to ensure you are considered for the correct position and location. Please name your résumé following the example below.

Name your résumé (or CV):

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Senior Analyst, Business-LAST NAME First Name_YYYY-MM-DD_Rev.0

Replace LASTNAME Firstname_YYYY-MM-DD with your name and date.

For instance:

If you are applying for the position of Financial Controller in Singapore, your name is Bill Smith, the date is June 15, 2009, and your file is an MS Word document, your file name should look like this:

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Financial Controller-SMITH Bill_2009-06-15_Rev.0.doc

Or, if your document is a PDF, your file name should look like this:

HUMA Reso Recr GLOB_Resume_Financial Controller-SMITH Bill_2009-06-15_Rev.0.pdf