MUSIC Group Acquires TC Group [ 2015-04-30]

MUSIC Group has today announced the acquisition of TC Group, one of the largest group of companies in the professional audio industry. Headquartered in Denmark, and with offices all over the world, TC Group owns and manages some of the most acclaimed brands such as Tannoy, Lab Gruppen, Lake, TC Electronic, TC Helicon and TC Applied Technologies. The deal has been signed and it is expected to close within days.

The addition of Tannoy, Lab Gruppen and Lake allows MUSIC Group to round out their professional install and touring sound offerings alongside Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, while TC Electronic and TC Helicon represent the industry’s leading brands in the guitar effects and voice processing sector, and perfectly complement MUSIC Group’s Bugera guitar tube amplifier brand and highly successful Behringer prosumer division.

TC Electronic has also long been established as a leader in broadcast, studio, mastering and production processing, where it gained ultimate authority in loudness control and mastering. For decades now, Tannoy’s HiFi products continue to win “Best in Class” Awards, and as a result the brand has developed a huge following of audio enthusiasts around the world.

TC Group’s strong focus on product innovation and IP creation is further demonstrated by their TC Applied Technologies company, which is invested in cutting-edge semiconductor designs, networking and interface technology.

MUSIC Group founder and CEO Uli Behringer commented, “MUSIC Group stands for relentless focus on innovation, business transformation and overall IP creation. Since the acquisition of Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, we have been continuously pursuing brands that complement the mixing console, processing and loudspeaker excellence offered by these historic brands. Throughout our search, TC Group has clearly stood out as the ideal match because of their world-class brands, impressive intellectual property, sterling reputation and first-class team of people. I am very proud to welcome the TC Group team into our family.”

Tannoy, Lab Gruppen and Lake will now join MUSIC Group’s prestigious Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound anchor brands to further strengthen MUSIC Group’s continued expansion into the professional A/V market. Aimed at delivering complete system solutions to Install and Touring customers, the combination of these brands represents an unprecedented range of choice for the most demanding of applications.

Uli Behringer continued, “We will invest heavily in positioning TC Group’s brands at the very pinnacle of the industry, as we have done with Midas, Klark Teknik and Turbosound, where we have invested over $100 million in highly automated and integrated manufacturing facilities, quality control systems and engineering resources, including a new Center of Engineering Excellence in Manchester, UK.

TC Group will now equally have full access to MUSIC Group’s extensive resources and advanced automated system platforms in such areas as product development and lifecycle management, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain and finance.”

TC Group’s CEO Anders Fauerskov responded, “We are very honored that during the acquisition process, some of the largest industry players were bidding for TC Group; however we have selected MUSIC Group as they represent the perfect fit in terms of strategic direction, overall synergies and company culture. Our team is thrilled to join MUSIC Group and open a new chapter for TC Group and its prestigious brands. With the incredibly talented people and massive resources of the MUSIC Group behind us, the team is excited to enter a new era of unprecedented innovation and growth.”

MUSIC Group Awards Sweetwater "Dealer of the Year" [2014-11-12]

Sweetwater was recently honored by MUSIC Group with the "Dealer of the Year" award.

This prestigious award is given to the best performing retailer that includes sales performance, customer relationships and product knowledge.

CEO Uli Behringer commented: "We are very proud of the relationship with Sweetwater and their team. Over the past two years, sales of our brands Midas, Turbosound, Behringer and Bugera have seen unprecedented growth.

This is clearly no coincidence, as Sweetwater has an incredible focus on customer experience that includes not only profound product knowledge, but also what is often forgotten, friendly and competent interaction with customers. As part of the success, Sweetwater decided to support all of MUSIC Group's brands Behringer, Bugera, Midas and Turbosound as well as all of their 600 products.

Uli Behringer, continued: "I had the pleasure to speak in front of Sweetwater's 250 sales engineers and experience firsthand the professional operation Sweetwater is built on. We would like to congratulate Chuck and his team on this prestigious Award."

CEO at Sweetwater, Chuck Surack commented: "It's an honor to be chosen as MUSIC Group's Dealer of the Year, and I'm proud to accept it on behalf of every employee of Sweetwater. As a full line dealer of the wonderfully diverse Behringer, Bugera, Midas and Turbosound lines, we've found that customers are quickly discovering the quality and value these brands bring to their music making experience. And, because Sweetwater continues to build our business on the simple principle of "doing the right thing", Behringer's and Bugera's quality control and industry leading low failure rates allow us to recommend products like their incredible X32 mixer with complete confidence."


Uli Behringer

Chief Executive Officer

MUSIC Group Goes Live with Industry First SAP HANA "In-Memory" Technology [2014-11-04 ] (PDF)

MUSIC Group is the first company in the audio industry to have successfully implemented SAP's HANA "in-memory" processing technology to run all company transactions on RAM versus conventional hard disk. In comparison to traditional database technology, the company now runs transactions up to 4000 times faster and analytics can be performed in real-time.

CEO Uli Behringer commented: "This is another tremendous milestone in our ambitious vision to automate our Company. Why is this important for our customers? The cutting-edge SAP HANA technology has only been implemented in around 500 companies worldwide. It allows for a completely new level of high-speed data processing to increase efficiency throughout the enterprise and also to provide customers with real-time insights such as inventory levels, on-line experience on MUSIC Group's transactional portals, and availability of multidimensional reports.

Uli Behringer continues: "Over the past two years we have invested over 15 million worth of SAP business automation to completely transform and automate the company to a level that even multi-billion dollar companies such as GE, 3M and Ford etc. have not implemented. We have been closely collaborating with SAP's leadership management on our unique and ambitious deployment, and have also been invited by SAP's own global R&D center in a program to co-innovate new solutions and drive MUSIC Group's automation to a level unheard of in any industry.

Together with the completion of our new US$ 100 Million MUSIC Group City state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, we will have a total integration between the customer and our Company down to real-time shipment information of moving containers on Google Map, and to allow customers to watch "their own" products being manufactured through online factory cameras. The goal is to completely open up our company and provide our customers with the most amazing experience. This is a very exciting time as MUSIC Group as we are not only pushing the technology envelope on the product level but across the entire Company."


Uli Behringer

Chief Executive Officer

MUSIC Group City Construction In Full Swing [2013-12-09 ]


High-tech campus construction scheduled for completion in mid-2014

Zhongshan, China – Just over a year after breaking ground on a massive new campus that will become home to up to 10,000 employees, MUSIC Group founder and CEO Uli Behringer is excited about the progress made on the site – and the fantastic prospects for the Company's future.

“I'm thrilled to see the progress on this wonderful new manufacturing facility called MUSIC Group City," said Uli Behringer. "My dream has always been to help talented musicians reach their goals. Seeing this campus coming to fruition is gratifying – and we can hardly wait to see this place come to life!

We have spent over 2 years blue-printing and fine-tuning every single aspect of the plant's design. Several specialized Japanese process engineering firms have been engaged to create one of the most efficient, automated and environmentally friendly manufacturing plants in the world. We also spent substantial resources on the industrial design, which show-cases massive glass-curtains and aluminum-braced facades. We even added internal factory walk-ways for visitors to witness every aspect of our high-tech production - an inspiring customer experience that manufacturers like BMW and Volkswagen have pioneered."

Uli Behringer continuous: "24 years ago, we were the first company in our industry to move manufacturing to China and it has been an incredible learning experience. It is interesting to me that most of our competitors have outsourced manufacturing, something we would never do. In-house manufacturing is the only way to control and deliver consistent quality. Our continued investments in automation, optical and X-ray inspection devices, rigorous lifecycle testing equipment, and in-house quality assurance have resulted in failure rates that are among the lowest in the industry. We even built a comprehensive EMC and UL-approved safety lab to do rigorous and comprehensive compliance testing that goes way beyond the regulatory requirements. As a result, we now offer a 3-year Warranty Program for all our products."

Undertaken in September of 2012 with a gala cornerstone ceremony, the main building will be an enormous, 3 million square foot structure supported by 2,500 support beams, with a total combined length of more than 40 miles (65 km). When complete, the US$ 70 million, 70-acre complex will include a dedicated factory space housing more than 100 automated manufacturing lines, fully automated transducer production lines, injection molding and hydro-forming facilities plus a total "clean-air" wood products and painting pavilion. On site will also be a single-story, fully automated warehouse directly connected to an on-line B2B Partner Portal that allows real-time ordering and distribution.

Along with the expanded manufacturing capacity, the campus will also be home to several advanced-research facilities and training centers for employees to further develop the world-class design skills that have made MUSIC Group a highly-respected industry leader.

MUSIC Group is working closely with expert firms to maximize energy-efficiency and minimize the carbon footprint, in keeping with the company's goal of exceptional environmental stewardship. The Company's employees will literally call the new campus home, with as many as 5,000 living on-site and taking advantage of a wealth of amenities, including a variety of dining options, on-premises childcare, medical services – and a vast array of recreational facilities.

With a 24/7 crew of 1,000 workers on-site, construction is scheduled to be completed by mid 2014.